The Medical Claims Forms Database: Links to Claims Forms from Every Major Insurer

We’re making it easy to find medical claims forms for every major insurer. Use this database to find a direct link to your insurer’s claims forms.

The Complete Guide to Superbills

A one-stop shop for knowledge about superbills. Learn how to make claims using a superbill for insurance. Download a free superbill template.

Getting Started with SuperBill (As a Patient)

A walkthrough of how to sign up and start submitting superbills and tracking claims in our online portal.

Getting Started with SuperBill (As a Provider)

A walkthrough to help you create an account and start uploading bills with SuperBill.

CPT and ICD-10 Coding Tips

A guide for medical professionals using CPT or ICD-10 codes when billing or filing insurance claims.

How to Explain Superbills and OON Reimbursement to Your Patients

A handy bag of tricks for explaining superbills and OON claims to your patients.

On Courtesy Billing and How to Make a Superbill for Therapy Clients

Some thoughts on how to streamline courtesy billing, plus a free sample superbill for therapy.

What's a Superbill and How Are They Reimbursed?

An introduction to superbills and how they're paid.