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Are you an out-of-network provider? Our customizable superbill template makes it easy to give your patients an itemized receipt of their healthcare expenses for insurance reimbursement.

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✨Easy-to-Use Superbill Template for Providers✨

Look no further for a free superbill template in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and PDF formats. Click the example below for a preview of our customizable templates.

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Google Sheets Superbill Template
Microsoft Excel Superbill Template
Fillable PDF Superbill Template
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What is a superbill?

A superbill is a document that details healthcare items and services that were provided to a patient or client. Essentially, it is an itemized receipt that a patient can use to file an out-of-network claim with their insurance company.

Superbills contain information about the provider, patient, the patient's insurance plan, diagnosis and procedure codes, and fees.

To learn more, visit our blog post, What is a Superbill and How are They Reimbursed?

How do I use SuperBill's free printable superbill template?

Once you have provided your email address, this page will display links to Google Sheet, Microsoft Excel, and fillable PDF superbill templates. Click the template you would like to use to access it. You will also receive these links via email for future reference.

Click the Google Sheet Superbill Template to view it online. To use it for your practice, you will need to click 'File>Make Copy' to copy the sheet to your own Google Drive. Once you have made a copy to your drive, you can fill it out, download it as a PDF to email to patients/clients, or print it out.

When you click the Microsoft Excel Superbill Template, an Excel file (xls) will download onto your computer. Open the downloaded file, then customize the superbill to your heart's content. Save it as a PDF before emailing it to your patient or client so they cannot change the information it contains.

When you click the Fillable PDF SuperBill Template, a PDF will download onto your computer. For best results, we recommend using Adobe Reader or Acrobat to edit the PDF.

Can I add my logo to the superbill template?

Yes! Our free superbill template includes a placeholder image that you can replace with your practice logo.

If you are using the Google Sheet Superbill Template, click the three dots in the upper right of the placeholder image and click 'Replace image', then select your logo file and adjust the size as needed.

If you are using the Microsoft Excel Superbill Template, right-click the placeholder image and click 'Change Picture...' to select your logo file.

If you are using the Fillable PDF Superbill Template, click the placeholder image then 'Browse' to select your logo file.

Note: if you don't have a logo, you may delete the placeholder and replace that area with the name of your practice.

Who can use this superbill template?

Are you an out-of-network healthcare provider? If so, this template is for you!

We have created this free, printable superbill template as a resource for out-of-network healthcare providers. If you do not accept your patient's insurance, providing them with a superbill is necessary for filing an out-of-network claim for insurance reimbursement from their health insurance company.

Are you looking for a mental health superbill template, psychotherapy superbill template, physical therapy superbill template, acupuncture superbill template, family practice superbill template, or something else? Good news! This template can be customized to your needs, no matter which medical or behavioral health specialty you provide.

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How do I learn more about SuperBill, the company?

SuperBill is on a mission to save patients time and money. We make health insurance reimbursement easy! Our services include out-of-network benefits checks, claim filing and tracking, and claim denial resolution.

We also offer free, automatic out-of-network insurance billing to providers and their patients through SuperPay, our secure patient payments solution.

To learn more, visit the SuperBill Blog or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Or connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, or Twitter.

Save time. Get your free, customizable superbill template now!

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