Let us handle your Dental Insurance Verification Phone Calls

Stop waiting on hold with insurance. Let SuperDial handle your phone calls to insurance companies so that you can focus on what matters most: giving your patients the care they need.


End-to-end phone calls powered by Artificial Intelligence

Electronic verification of benefits, payer portals, and faxes are hardly ever enough — we get that. Instead of having your team dial insurance payers and wait on hold, let our artificial intelligence automate these calls for you. If for any reason our AI can't complete the call, our human fallback team will step in to ensure you receive the required results.

Directly Integrated with your Practice Management System

No need to overhaul your existing processes. We’ll integrate directly with your Practice Management System to set up a streamlined patient insurance verification workflow.

How it works

You add a new patient
After you integrate your Practice Management System with us, we'll be able to detect whenever a new patient is added.
We'll handle the calls
We can verify all the data elements and fields you need — all you have to do is specify your custom insurance verification script. You can also create rules to re-run calls after a specified time. Or, if you only want SuperDial to place calls in the event an electronic eligibility check fails, you can place ad-hoc calls yourself.
We return the results to your PMS
Once the dental insurance verification is complete, we’ll write the information back to your PMS — you don’t have to do a thing! You'll also receive a detailed CSV report after each series of calls.
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Is SuperBill right for my practice?

Our services are designed for any healthcare practice, whether you serve patients virutally or in-person, accept insurance or are out-of-network. We are here to eliminate time-consuming tasks from your workflow, like calling insurers.

If you want to save time on insurance verifications, prior authorizations, and claims status phone calls to payors, we would be happy to assist you! Schedule a consultation with our team today.

Why SuperBill for Billing?

First and foremost, providers trust SuperBill because we save both providers and their patients time and money. This makes for a better patient experience, and by eliminating insurance and billing headaches, providers can focus on what they do best—providing excellent care. 

The key benefits you can expect when making SuperBill your biller is seamless EHR integration, fast-tracked reimbursement, affordable rates, and dedicated care. With EHR integration, you don’t have to worry about adding new processes to your existing workflow - you can maintain control of your practice while we do the background administrative work. Our fast reimbursement process means you don’t need to wait on a pay cycle (i.e. receive payment once every two weeks) - you will get paid immediately when the insurance returns the money. Speaking of payments, we charge industry-low rates which means more money in your pocket. Finally, we pride ourselves on expert, dedicated care. Our SuperBill support team is well-versed in the world of insurance billing and will answer any question you have.

Is SuperBill secure?

Yes. SuperBill uses best-in-class security standards to keep your patients' information secure. Our infrastructure is fully HIPAA-compliant, and we have signed BAAs for all third parties that help us securely process data. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

Does SuperBill integrate with my EHR?

Our process is designed to eliminate tedious tasks from your workflow. Often, the most effective method is connecting SuperBill to your EHR or practice management software. When integrating SuperBill with your EHR, SuperBill will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to keep your practice HIPAA-compliant and then request any credentials and/or access keys we need.