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Clients can pay us $4.99 / month (or $49.99 / year) for unlimited claims.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SuperBill work?

1. Your client completes our one-time, HIPAA-compliant onboarding.
2. We verify their insurance information and check their out-of-network benefits.
3. Assuming the client is eligible for out-of-network reimbursement, we notify you that they have consented to us receiving their superbills and filing claims on their behalf.
4. Whenever you see the client, you can send their superbill to our HIPAA-compliant inbox at claims@thesuperbill.com.
5. Using the superbill, we generate a claim and file it with the client’s insurer.
6. If the client has met their deductible, they then receive reimbursement from their insurer. Otherwise, each claim counts toward their deductible.

How much does SuperBill cost?

SuperBill costs clients $4.99/month or $49.99/year for unlimited claims OR costs providers $49.99/month. This includes access to our dedicated claims support services, available at support@thesuperbill.com, to help clients resolve claim rejections and to answer any questions you or your clients may have.

How do I submit a superbill to SuperBill?

To submit your client’s superbill, simply email it to our HIPAA-compliant inbox at claims@thesuperbill.com. We will take care of the rest!

Is SuperBill HIPAA-compliant?

Yes! Our infrastructure is HIPAA-compliant, and we have signed BAAs with all third parties who help us securely process your clients’ data.

How should I tell my clients about SuperBill?

Here is a helpful script you might refer to when explaining our service:

“If you no longer want to submit claims to insurance yourself, I can send your superbills to SuperBill, a service that uses HIPAA-compliant technology to create, submit, and monitor insurance claims. If you would like to get started, just complete the one-time onboarding on their site, www.thesuperbill.com.”

SuperBill is HIPAA compliant - HIPAA logo.SuperBill is a proud sponsor of the ADAA (Anxiety & Depression Association of America).