Case Study

How Bikham is achieving their automation goals with SuperDial

The RCM company Bikham switched to SuperDial to automate their payer calls and saved thousands of dollars each month
1,000 calls/month
25% increase in productivity
800 hours/month saved
Meet Naveen, Param & Sharad
The Bikham team, led by Naveen, runs a successful RCM company providing insurance credentialing and billing services to healthcare companies.

As their business expanded and their backlog of client calls exploded, Naveen looked for ways to fully automate the business processes, starting with payer calls.

The Problem

Bikham had a “burning need” of addressing their call backlog which consisted of thousands of calls a month. Every day they received new clients who required credentialing calls and follow-ups, and they were struggling with training enough employees to successfully handle their call volume.
Accurate Results
High quantity of calls
Fast turnaround
Low process overhead
Path to Complete Automation with SuperDial
Demo with the Platform
The Bikham team first demoed SuperDial by placing a handful of test calls. They found the results “good and effective, which you don’t see very often.”
Building a Customized Script
With various different scenario-based scripts, Bikham worked with the SuperBill team to develop scripts that were approved by their Operations Team and would work well with SuperDial’s AI caller.
Seamlessly integrating SuperDial into their process
Bikham’s existing custom CRM platform was set up to handle bulk amount of provider data, which made it a straightforward process to place bulk calls through CSV upload. Then, when they received the results, their platform could automatically ingest the Results file and populate their database.
“SuperDial is part of our vision for automating everything.
It’s great to have an intelligent bot making calls for you, and the main value is the quality of the calls. The portal is also very easy to use, we understood the system from the very first day even if some of us don’t have technical knowledge about development.”
The Bikham team’s favorite features
Script-building flexibility
User-friendly portal
Quality of results

By the Numbers


Calls per month
Bikham currently places 1,000 calls per month for credentialing inquiries alone, and the team is looking to expand the call volume as they continue automating their workflow.


hours per month saved
Each employee spends much of their day placing these time-consuming calls. With SuperDial, they’re freed up to focus on other tasks.
Join Bikham in freeing yourself and your team from time-consuming calls.
With SuperDial handling your calls, you'll never have to worry about call volume forecasting or optimizing the size of your team --
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