Cut Your Insurance Verifications Cost in Half with SuperBill

Streamline your practice's insurance eligibility verifications process to eradicate claim denials, maximize revenue, and satisfy your patients. Automate your practice's routine insurance calls to save valuable time.

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Save Your Practice Time and Money

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Reclaim hours of staff time wasted calling health insurers

Calls to verify patient benefits or check claims status often take 30 minutes or longer. Outsource this time-wasting task to SuperBill so your staff can focus on providing excellent patient care.

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Save 50% on your benefits verification costs

Save thousands of dollars each year with SuperBill. Our automated calls to insurers allow us to offer affordable rates for insurance verifications while still returning the in-depth information you need.

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Improve transparency with patients

Planning for healthcare costs can overwhelm patients. Verify active coverage and thoroughly understand your patient's insurance benefits before their visit, and avoid awkward billing situations that damage their confidence in your practice.

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Maximize your practice revenue

Costly claim rejections are a bottleneck to your reimbursement revenue. Avoid errors and billing mistakes with SuperBill's insurance verifications, which provide a deeper level of detail than EHR benefits checks or insurer websites.


"Working with SuperBill has been great. They're super responsive, communicative, and my clients value their services. I'd highly recommend them."

-Jen, RDN

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A Superior Insurance Verifications Process

customized call script builder

Build your customized call script

Send us the questions you need answered by insurers, from insurance verifications to prior authorizations and claims status updates. Share the call script your team currently uses, or quickly build one from our customizable templates.

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Gather information without paper forms

SuperBill offers secure integration with your EHR to collect policy details for your automated calls, or you may use SuperBill's online verification of benefits form in your intake process. We're here to take mind-numbing and duplicative administrative tasks off your plate.

automated insurance calls

SuperBill automates your administrative calls

Our system automates countless calls each day, freeing up your staff to focus on providing exceptional care. You'll receive a detailed report after each call is completed.

Meet With us to Build a Custom Quote

Our goal is to handle your tedious insurance tasks so you can focus on what you do best—providing exceptional care. SuperBill's insurance verification services are scalable for practices of any size. We can automate virtually any insurance-related phone calls you need, perfectly calibrated to return the information your practice depends on. Let's discuss your needs and build an affordable solution for your practice!

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Is SuperBill right for my practice?

Our services are designed for any healthcare practice, whether you serve patients virutally or in-person, accept insurance or are out-of-network. We are here to eliminate time-consuming tasks from your workflow, like calling insurers.

If you want to save time on insurance verifications, prior authorizations, and claims status phone calls to payors, we would be happy to assist you! Schedule a consultation with our team today.

How does SuperBill save my practice money?

First, SuperBill eliminates countless hours your staff wait on the phone, collecting details manually from insurance companies. Our system can automate hundreds of calls per day for your practice, at a much lower cost than hourly employees or salaried team members.

Second, we help you get in-depth insurance details that help your practice avoid billing errors that result in costly claim denials and delayed reimbursements.

What can my patients expect if my practice partners with SuperBill?

SuperBill operates behind the scenes and our process is not visible to your patients. We'll handle the busy work with insurance, and you can be the hero.

Does SuperBill integrate with my EHR or practice website?

Our process is designed to eliminate tedious tasks from your workflow. Often, the most effective method is connecting SuperBill to your EHR or practice management software. When using this approach, SuperBill will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to keep your practice HIPAA-compliant and then request any credentials and/or access keys we need.

Alternatively, your company can embed SuperBill's insurance verification form on your website to collect necessary details and send them directly to our secure database.

Is SuperBill secure?

Yes. SuperBill uses best-in-class security standards to keep your patients' information secure. Our infrastructure is fully HIPAA-compliant, and we have signed BAAs for all third parties that help us securely process data. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

Why phone calls? Can't I get the same details with health insurance verification online?

Many EHR and practice management platforms connect to health payers' systems to spit out automatic benefits verifications. These real-time insurance eligibility verification features are useful to many healthcare practices. However, they fall short in returning dependable, in-depth information. Phone calls can provide a much greater level of detail for the unique intricacies of your practice.