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Downloadable templates, helpful links, and answers to FAQs about using SuperBill with your practice.

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Connection + Community

Join us for live in-person and virtual events with other amazing providers like you!

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Our providers are passionate about access to care.

Connection and Community

We love getting to know healthcare providers around the country! Let us know where you're located using the form above to help us plan future in-person events, or join us for a virtual gathering!

Healthcare providers gather with SuperBill for a happy hour event in NYC in December 2022.
Healthcare providers gather with SuperBill for an event in Austin, Texas.
Healthcare providers gather with SuperBill for an event in Denver, Colorado.
Healthcare providers gather with SuperBill for an event in Austin, Texas.
Healthcare providers gather with SuperBill for an event in Denver, Colorado.
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Create Your Free Account

When you’re focused on your mental health, superbills and insurance claims are the last thing you want to worry about. If your provider accepts SuperPay, you’ll receive an invitation to create your free account. Onboarding and linking your bank account information to SuperPay takes only two minutes. Therapists can then charge your account as they would a credit card. 

If your therapist doesn’t accept SuperPay yet, we recommend referring them so you can get our services free of charge!

Otherwise, you can sign up for SuperBill on your own and pay a small fee for us to handle all of your healthcare reimbursement needs. We assure you, it’s a small price to pay to save serious time and money on your therapy expenses!

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SuperBill Does the Rest

Insurance is already complicated enough, and we believe that patients shouldn’t have to navigate the complex world of superbills for mental health when their provider is out-of-network. Using SuperPay for therapy services means you don’t have to worry about any part of the reimbursement process. 

See below to learn about everything we provide to get your therapy reimbursed!

More events coming soon!


What is SuperSociety?

The SuperSociety is a new, online community of healthcare providers, started by SuperBill. Join us for education, resources, and connections in the industry!

Can anyone join?

Any healthcare provider is welcome to join the SuperSociety. Drop your email address in the form above to get started!

What is SuperBill?

SuperBill is a health technology company founded in 2021. We're on a mission to save patients time and money that they're losing to health insurance. Essentially, we make out-of-network reimbursement easy!

Hundreds of out-of-network providers and their patients use SuperBill for insurance reimbursement. But we also offer services that make providers' lives easier! We manage out-of-network billing through SuperPay and automate time-consuming insurance phone calls (like verification of benefits, prior authorizations, and claim status updates).

Our services make for a better patient experience, and by eliminating insurance headaches, providers can focus on what they do best—providing excellent care. 

Want to know more? Check out our About Us page!