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Deliver exceptional patient experiences without the insurance headaches

Delight your patients with a seamless out-of-network reimbursement experience. SuperBill integrates with your existing EHR and billing system so that no developer time is required to get started.

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SuperBill is fully HIPAA-compliant
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Technology for Digital Health Companies

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Effortless EHR & Billing System Integration

We integrate with your existing EHR and billing system to automatically extract the information needed to file your patients' claims. This way no developer time is needed on your end.

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Health Benefits and Claims API

Want a more custom build out? You can leverage our health benefits and claims processing APIs to deliver the optimal out-of-network reimbursement experience for your use case.


"Working with SuperBill has been great. They're super responsive, communicative, and my clients value their services. I'd highly recommend them."

-Jen, RDN

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Delightful Out-of-Network Patient Experiences

Secure Patient Payments

With SuperPay, getting reimbursed for out-of-network care is as easy as paying their provider.

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Benefits Verification

We verify your patients' out-of-network benefits and estimate how much money they can get back.

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Automatic Claim Filing

No more sending superbills. Sit back and relax while we automatically file your patients' out-of-network claims.

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Continuous Claim Tracking

After we file their claims, patients can check their status through the portal or via email updates.

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Claim Denial Resolution

If anything goes wrong, we will review your patients' EOBs and file appeals with their insurer.

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Expert Customer Support

Each of our highly-trained support specialists have worked for US health insurers. They're here for you!

Pricing for Businesses of Any Size

Our pricing is simple and our services robust. Select SuperPay for our free, full suite of solutions. Or build your own package based on your unique business needs.

With SuperPay


for your business and patients*

What's included

  • EHR and billing integration
  • Secure patient payments
  • Automatic claim filing & tracking
  • Expert EOB reviews
  • Claim denial resolution
  • Support from insurance experts

*SuperBill's services are completely free for businesses and patients paying via bank account. Patients paying via credit/debit card are assessed a 2.9% fee per transaction.

Not interested in SuperPay, our secure payment processing solution? Build a custom package with volume-based monthly or annual pricing to suit your business. Meet with us to discuss a custom quote.


How does SuperBill securely process patient insurance and billing data?

SuperPay uses best-in-class security standards to keep your patients' information secure. Our infrastructure is fully HIPAA-compliant, and we have signed BAAs for all third parties that help us securely process data.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

What are the capabilities of SuperBill's health insurance API?

SuperBill's health insurance API provides powerful, real-time connection with private insurance payer systems. Verify your patients' out-of-network benefits, generate estimates, file out-of-network claims electronically, and track the status of claims from the first patient encounter to their final reimbursement.

Build seamless telehealth, digital health, and in-person care experiences with the power of SuperBill's API.

Does SuperBill also manage in-network insurance billing?

At this time, SuperBill only handles out-of-network claims filing, tracking, and claim denial resolution. Our solutions do not support in-network insurance billing or claims.

How does SuperBill integrate with my EHR and/or billing system?

During onboarding, SuperBill will request credentials and/or access keys needed to connect with your systems. If your company is a HIPAA covered entity, the onboarding process also involves signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA compliance purposes. With these pieces in place, our team works behind the scenes, securely extracting billing and insurance information needed to file patients' out-of-network claims.

Your company can also embed our SuperPay widget into your existing checkout flow. SuperPay integrates with common payment processors like Stripe, so there is no need to change the way you process patient payments.

What can my patients expect if my company partners with SuperBill?

Your self-pay patients can opt-in during onboarding to have their out-of-network claims filed automatically, whenever they utilize your service. Our team of insurance experts works behind the scenes, verifying the patient's benefits, filing and tracking their claims, handling denial resolutions, reviewing EOBs, and filing appeals with the payer as needed.

When it comes to anything insurance-claims related, our support representatives are available to guide and assist your patient. If enabled, your patient will receive HIPAA-compliant email notifications of their claims status, including when claims are filed, processed, and reimbursed, and can even check their claim status online through the SuperBill portal.

Are development hours needed to integrate my system with SuperBill?

Our company was founded by software engineers, and we understand the value of your development team's time. Our fully-managed solutions generally require no engineering hours and utilize your existing infrastructure (i.e., electronic health record (EHR), API keys, and billing systems) to streamline your out-of-network billing processes.

Our goal is to handle the grueling out-of-network work in the background to save your patients time and money, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient experiences.

Is SuperBill right for my company?

SuperBill's solutions are valuable to companies of all sizes, from large telehealth enterprises to small digital health startups and accounting firms, from large provider networks to individual healthcare providers.

At their core, our solutions are geared toward helping patients understand and utilize their out-of-network health insurance benefits, helping them navigate the complicated process of reimbursement for out-of-network healthcare. We save them time and money. And we eliminate time-consuming tasks from your workflow, like sending superbills to your patients.

If your company is seeking to improve patient experiences in out-of-network care, we would love to have a conversation. Schedule a demo with our team today.