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How SuperBill Helps You Retain Patients

Here's how working with Superbill helps you keep those newly acquired patients coming back.

It Starts With a Free Benefits Check

Last week, we covered how SuperBill can help you acquire new patients. We discussed how SuperBill’s free benefits check streamlines the patient acquisition process to save you time and money. Then we ran the numbers on exactly how much money you might expect to earn from those new patients. This week, we’ll look at what SuperBill does to help you keep patients over time

The Key Is Patient Satisfaction

For the most part, SuperBill’s value for patients boils down to the same equation as it does for providers. More time + more money = more satisfaction. The only difference is, for patients it tends to take a little longer to recognize the savings. Because the insurance claims process is painfully slow, it might take two or three months for a new patient to see their first insurance reimbursement hit their bank account. 

But when it does, they’ll be floored. Here’s why. Many patients receive no money at all for their out-of-network reimbursements, even though they're entitled to a reimbursement, because they’re either too busy to file, or they’re overwhelmed by the process. When you take into account the fact that many insurance companies reject their first out-of-network claim on sight, it’s hard to blame the patient. 

That means that the majority of patients who are new to SuperBill will be receiving their first ever out-of-network reimbursement. Even if the insurance payer fights tooth and nail and we have to refile six times to get your patient a minor reimbursement, a bit of money is still better than no money. Your patient will notice the difference. 

A SuperBill Reimbursement Example

Let’s suppose you’re a therapist who bills monthly. Your patient sees you weekly, so after the first month you give them a superbill for therapy services rendered in the amount of $800. With SuperBill, either you or your patient can upload the bill, and it’s automatically filed for reimbursement. 

As soon as the insurance payer returns the claim, SuperBill automatically corrects and refiles all of the rejected portions. Rinse and repeat until the patient receives their maximum allowed amount. 

Now let’s assume for the math’s sake that this patient has already met their deductible for their insurance plan. This patient’s plan covers 70% of out-of-network costs for therapy after they meet their deductible, so after paying their bill they’ll receive a check for $560. A lot better than nothing! 

If this example seems outlandish, consider how rarely patients realize when they’ve met their deductible. Billions of dollars are left on the table for insurers to collect each year, just because regular people don’t have the time or energy to check the amount they’ve spent on healthcare. 

When your patient sees that your therapy services only cost them $240 a month instead of $800, they’re much more likely to stay on for more sessions. All you have to do is keep providing quality healthcare like you do! 

It’s More Than Time and Money

But the even bigger thing many patients using SuperBill report saving: stress. It’s the weight off their shoulders, the freedom to focus on genuine interests, and the feeling that someone is fighting for them against an unfair system that keeps patients around. 

Patients often tell us they dread calling insurance companies—the anxiety can loom overhead, costing them far more time and anguish off the phone than on it. Add this to the fact that therapy patients, the most common recipients of superbills, may already have a lot on their plates when it comes to mental health, and you get a headache that only compounds as it progresses. 

Your Sidekick Is Here

Seeing patients miss out on their OON reimbursements during mental health crises is tough to bear. But we’re here to help. Don’t lose valued patients to the frustrations of out-of-network reimbursement. Let SuperBill fight for your patients.

If you'd like to learn more about how to join, please read our super short post on Getting Starting with Superbill. We also have some posts with resourceful guides for providers, like How to Explain Superbills and OON Reimbursement to Your Patients and CPT and ICD-10 Coding Tips.

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This post was written and researched by
Harrison Caruthers

Harrison Caruthers (he/him) is a software developer in the Bay Area. Before SuperBill, he worked as an engineer for Amazon in Madrid. While in Spain, Harrison developed an appreciation for both Mediterranean cooking and simplified healthcare systems. He returned to the Bay to co-found SuperBill with fellow Stanford grad Sam Schwager after mounting frustrations with US insurance networks.