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How SuperBill Helps You Acquire New Patients

Joining forces with SuperBill not only saves you time and money, it helps you acquire new patients too!

Note: This is the first post in a 2-part series on how SuperBill can assist you with patient acquisition and retention. For the second part, read: How SuperBill Helps You Retain Patients.

The Problem

Every provider has seen it happen. A new patient walks into your office interested in your services. Maybe you’re a specialized healthcare professional like a chiropractor or a therapist offering a free consultation. Everything goes smoothly; the patient likes you and your office. They make plans to come back. But they never do. 

Odd right? What most likely happened is the patient discovered their out-of-network benefits did not qualify them for reimbursement, and they went somewhere else. Or even worse, they feared they weren’t qualified for reimbursement, and without even checking their Explanation of Benefits, they gave up their pursuit of essential healthcare even though they might have been eligible for reimbursement. 

In the first scenario, the patient cost you a consultation that could’ve gone to a different patient who might have stayed on and become a regular in your office. We’re talking about hundreds if not thousands of dollars left on the table. In the second scenario, the patient cost you that appointment slot, and they should have become a regular themselves. If only they had been aware of the benefits they already had…

How SuperBill Helps

SuperBill verifies patients’ benefits before they walk into your office. That means they already know they’re eligible for reimbursement the moment they see you, which greatly increases their chances of accepting your service.  

A free benefits check from SuperBill streamlines the new patient process to save you time and earn you money. The patient from Scenario 1, when registering with SuperBill, would have used their free benefits check to determine their eligibility (or lack thereof) and skipped the free consultation to go somewhere else, saving you a valuable appointment slot. 

Now suppose the patient from Scenario 2 used SuperBill to check their benefits. They would have known they were eligible for an out-of-network reimbursement and they would have come back for more appointments, earning you a valued client and getting them the healthcare they need. 

Naturally, you didn’t study to become a provider just for the money (we hope), but at the same time, healthcare is a business—one made especially complex and commercialized by the influence of health insurance companies—and businesses don’t run without money. At SuperBill, we want to help make sure the money flows your way so you’re free to focus on providing quality healthcare, like you set out to do. 

But How Much Money?

Here’s a rough calculation of the money SuperBill could help you earn through patient acquisition. The numbers aren’t perfect, so think of this as a ballpark estimate. You can substitute your own rate and circumstances to get a better picture of the return on your investment. 

Suppose a new patient comes in for a free consultation, and because you pay for their SuperBill subscription to maximize their OON reimbursement, they end up coming back for 3 more sessions over the course of a year. 

Now suppose your sessions are $150 each. With the pay-per-patient rate, SuperBill costs you $6.99 per patient per month. So you're making $450 from an investment of $84 ($6.99 x 12). That’s 5.4x your investment—not a bad ROI. And that’s just one patient! If SuperBill helps you acquire one new patient each month, a conservative estimate, you’re making $5400 off of an investment of $1,000. Or $5400 off a $780 investment with the Unlimited Annual Plan (a 6.9x return). And that’s not even counting all the time you’ll have freed up for more appointments with other new patients. The possibilities are endless! Give SuperBill a try and see what we mean.

Up next: a post about how SuperBill helps you retain patients over time. If you'd like to learn more about how SuperBill can assist your practice, simply enter your email and click Get Started, or read our post on Getting Started with SuperBill. To continue reading this two-part post, Go to Part 2.

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This post was written and researched by
Harrison Caruthers

Harrison Caruthers (he/him) is a software developer in the Bay Area. Before SuperBill, he worked as an engineer for Amazon in Madrid. While in Spain, Harrison developed an appreciation for both Mediterranean cooking and simplified healthcare systems. He returned to the Bay to co-found SuperBill with fellow Stanford grad Sam Schwager after mounting frustrations with US insurance networks.