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What are Out-of-Network Benefits?

If your provider is out-of-network (OON), it means they do not have a contract with your health insurance company. In other words, they don't accept your insurance.

However, your health insurance plan may still reimburse you for a portion of your healthcare expenses! These are called out-of-network benefits. Some health plans offer these benefits, and others do not.

To check your OON benefits, you can visit your health insurer's website to view your plan details, call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card, or we can verify your benefits for you after you create your account here! If you have OON benefits, SuperBill can file your claims directly with your insurer!

Learn more in our article, The Case for Out-of-Network Reimbursement.

I'm a provider. Can my patients use the calculator?

Yes. One way you can do this is to refer your patients to SuperBill's website to use the Out-of-Network Benefits Calculator themselves.

SuperBill also offers providers the option to embed the calculator directly on their practice website for a small monthly fee. This is a great tool to help prospective patients understand their out-of-network benefits and feel peace of mind about using your services, even though you do not accept their insurance.

If you are interested in adding the calculator to your practice website, please contact sales@thesuperbill.com.

Is there a cost to use the calculator?

No, there is no cost. The calculator is completely FREE to use!

Does the calculator show in-network benefits?

No. SuperBill helps patients save time and money by helping them get reimbursed for out-of-network health services. We do not submit in-network claims to insurers. Because of this, our Out-of-Network Benefits Calculator only shows your out-of-network deductible, progress you've made toward that deductible, coinsurance rate, and an estimate of what you may be reimbursed for common types of services.

Why do you need my email address and a password?

When you use the Out-of-Network Benefits Calculator, we ask you to submit your email address and create a password. There are three reasons:

  • Security is our top priority. Our infrastructure is fully HIPAA-complaint, and our calculator is hosted on a secure site to protect your information.
  • Using the form sets up your free SuperBill account using the email address and password you provided. This is the first step toward using SuperBill's service, where we file and track your out-of-network claims and resolve any claim denials. We will fight your insurer to get you the best reimbursement possible!
  • In most cases, you will be able to view your reimbursement estimate results within seconds. In rare cases, our team of insurance experts may need to manually check your benefits with your insurer, then email you the results. If this happens, you should receive an email from us within 48-72 hours (2-3 business days).

How do I check benefits for multiple family members?

When you use SuperBill's Out-of-Network Benefits Calculator, you can enter information for yourself or another family member on your insurance plan. You will submit an email address and password, which sets up a free SuperBill account. We recommend you log in and add multiple family members in your secure portal. There, you can check each family member's out-of-network benefits at any time.

How accurate are the reimbursement estimate results?

SuperBill's Out-of-Network Benefits Calculator makes a broad estimate of your reimbursement for certain types of services. This calculation is based on the average rates for services, and your plan's coinsurance rate. Because insurance companies vary in their coverage and allowed amounts, the results from the widget are only an estimate.

Will I receive an email of my results?

In most cases, the Out-of-Network Reimbursement Calculator will automatically return your results on the screen. If this happens, SuperBill will not send an email with your results. Occasionally, SuperBill's team of insurance experts need to manually check your benefits with your insurer. In this case, you should receive an email with your results within 48 hours (two business days).

How does the calculator work?

Between searching lengthy plan documents and waiting on hold with your health insurance company, it can be a huge pain to check your out-of-network benefits. SuperBill's Out-of-Network Benefits Calculator is a tool designed to help patients check their benefits within seconds--for free! By submitting basic information, SuperBill's technology securely communicates with your insurer to pull key benefits details:

  • Your out-of-network deductible
  • Your progress toward that deductible
  • Out-of-network coinsurance rates
  • A reimbursement estimate for common services once your deductible is met.

Need help filing out-of-network claims? Let SuperBill do the heavy lifting!

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