How to Make a Superbill for Therapy Clients

August 2, 2022

Tips for creating and submitting your clients' superbills.

For Providers

The Situation

We know it’s happened to you before: a new client walks into your office and asks that infamous and inescapable question, “Do you take my insurance?” Every healthcare provider in the world has heard this question. You might not accept insurance at all, or you might accept it but be out of the client’s network. Either way, there’s a decent chance the client’s insurer offers out-of-network (OON) benefits. Time to make a superbill. 

Creating a superbill grants the client access to their OON benefits. In this case, you collect your fee there in the office and provide the client with a superbill to submit to their insurer for reimbursement. But here’s the issue with this plan. Clients don’t always submit their superbills! We conducted a poll of providers already working with SuperBill, and they told us that less than half of their clients actually submit their superbills to insurance companies after receiving them from their provider. The physicians polled cited hesitance about dealing with insurers and difficulty understanding OON benefits as the main reasons clients don’t submit. To make things worse, many insurance companies will reject an out-of-network claim on sight, in the hopes that the filer will get disheartened and give up on the claim. And sadly enough, most do. According to The Journal of Ahima, up to 60% of returned claims are never refiled

Statistically speaking, your client has a better chance of reimbursement if you file their superbill for them. It might not be ideal for you, but it helps your client, and we know that’s why you became a mental health provider in the first place. Creating, filling out, and filing a superbill for your client is the definition of client-centered therapy. But, it takes a lot of time, time that you probably don’t have in your busy life as a therapist, especially when you account for the high number of OON claims rejected by insurers. 

That’s where we come in. SuperBill can handle every aspect of your superbill filing, from start to finish—we’ll even follow up with insurance companies after claims are rejected to refile and get your clients the highest reimbursement possible. But we’ll talk more about rejections and refiling another time. This post is about how to make a superbill for therapy clients.

Therapy Superbill Template

For an example of a superbill with explanations of the various parts you can check out our introductory article on superbills. Of course, you could use the sample in that article as a model to make a superbill from scratch, but that seems like too tedious a task for anyone, much less a busy mental health provider. Unfortunately, finding a high-quality, free superbill template for therapy is difficult, but we did find this website that lets you pay for one. 🤷

After you’ve filled out the superbill with your client’s personal information, the details of the service, diagnosis codes, CPT codes, etc., you’ll need to submit it to the insurance company along with a copy of your client’s Explanation of Benefits. Then, you’ll wait for the insurer to process the claim, something that usually takes around 30 days but may take up to 90. And then, when it comes back rejected and has to go to the top of your ever-growing stack of superbills to file… 

Alright, you get the picture. Heck, you’re probably already living the picture. We don’t need to pile it on. In fact, we want to make the pile disappear. We want to take the whole stack of superbills and EOBs off your plate and handle them for you, so your job can just be about the relationship between therapist and client, the way it should be. If you’re tired of dealing with insurance companies, let us simplify your life. Reach out via the email form below and let SuperBill free up your schedule.

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This post was written and researched by
Harry Gatlin

Harry (he/him/his) is a freelance writer and web designer who has worked in the health and tech spaces for over 2 years now. He is passionate about the power of language to make complex systems like health insurance simpler and fairer. He received his BA in English Literature from Williams College and his MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Alabama. In his spare time, he writes fiction and obsesses over Bob Dylan. You can reach him at

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