Free benefits verification for your clients.

Benefits checks. Claim filing. Claim resolution.

We make health insurance easy.


Our rockstar support team is available to your clients.

Verification of Benefits

We'll verify your clients' benefits.

Claim Filing

Filing is no fun. We file your clients' out-of-network claims.

Claim Resolution

We work with your clients to resolve any issues so they can get their money back.

Either you pay...



Allows you to send unlimited superbills for up to 5 clients per month.

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Allows you to send unlimited superbills for up to 10 clients per month.

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Allows you to send unlimited superbills for up to 15 clients per month.

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Allows you to send unlimited superbills for any number of your clients each month.

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... or your clients do. Either way, nothing changes about your rate or your practice.

Alternatively, if you don't want to pay, we will charge your client 9.5% of whatever they get reimbursed.

For example, if we get them $1,000 back, we take $95. We only make money when we save them money.

SuperBill costs you nothing if your clients are paying.

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Here's how our service works.

1) Choose a plan above and sign up.

2) Then, we'll give you a link to our verification of benefits tool. Share it with your clients. We'll let clients - and you - know what their benefits are.

3) If a client is eligible for reimbursement, we'll walk them through how to sign up on our website. We'll notify you when they've signed up.

4) You email superbills to

5) We file, monitor, and resolve your clients' insurance claims.

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