Health insurance solutions for your digital health business.

We offer a variety of solutions that allow digital health companies to build delightful health-insurance experiences directly into their products.

Use our technology to embed amazing health insurance experiences into your applications.

Build on our APIs,
use our white-label UI components,
or use our own, sleek interfaces out-of-the-box.

You choose what works for you and your business.

We've got you covered. Bundles of solutions to meet your needs.

Benefits Verifications

Tell your customers exactly what they can expect to get reimbursed. Don't just say "Call your insurer."

Insurance Claim Filing

We can extend your checkout and payment experiences to include automatic claim-filing. Let your customers file claims in one click or less.

Concierge Support

Our team can track claims, resolve rejections, and answer your customers' insurance questions. Offer a dedicated team of health insurance experts to your customers.

Your customers will thank you.

Retain and delight your customers by making it easier than ever to pay for your products and services using their health insurance benefits.

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