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Here's What to Expect After You Submit a Medical Bill to SuperBill
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Here's What to Expect After You Submit a Medical Bill to SuperBill

Welcome to SuperBill! 

Thanks for joining. We’re excited to have you! As you probably know by now, SuperBill’s main mission is to save you time and money, but our secondary mission is to clear up your confusion about out-of-network reimbursement. This post is about mission number two.

Too often, patients are left in the dark about what happens when they file for healthcare reimbursement. We want to change that. Although we can’t control what insurers do or say, we will do everything in our power to make sure you know what’s happening behind the scenes. Read on to learn everything SuperBill does for your claims after you submit them to us. 

So you’ve joined SuperBill ✅, added your info ✅, and submitted a superbill ✅, right? If you’re still working on one of those steps, read Getting Started with SuperBill for a simple walkthrough. If you’re reading this far, we’ll assume you’ve submitted a superbill and want to know what happens next. 

What SuperBill Does with Your Insurance Claims

As soon as you submit a superbill to the online portal, we create a claim. We then review the claim and when it’s ready, we file it with your insurer. This takes very little time. It’s usually done the same day you upload your superbill. What takes the longest is the next part, where the insurer is handling the claim.

On average, it takes insurers around 30 days to issue a reimbursement for a claim. But the time varies considerably depending on the insurer, the claim, and a number of other factors like network size or staff availability. So reimbursement wait times can be a lot shorter than 30 days, or up to 90 days. But we’ll make sure you never wait that long, because we’ll pick up the phones and call your insurer long before that. 

While you’re waiting for your reimbursement, we’re negotiating it with your insurer to get you as much money back as possible. We’ll also negotiate any potential network exceptions if you’re eligible. Once the reimbursement is returned, we’ll correct any errors and refile it. Then, we’ll rinse and repeat, refiling again and again until we’ve gotten you the best reimbursement possible. 

Things You Can Do While Waiting for Your Reimbursement

Here’s a little list of ways to pass the time while we’re getting you that reimbursement.  

Track the status of your claims. 

In your patient portal, click the Track Claims button to see the date and status of your claim. 

Review your benefits.

The Verify Benefits button in your patient portal will tell you what services you’re entitled to, so you’ll know the most cost-effective way to book your next appointment. 

Check in with your 24/7 concierge support.

SuperBill’s support team is available around the clock if you have any questions about your claim. 

Read up on the SuperBill community. 

If you want to know more about SuperBill or healthcare reimbursements in general, we have an FAQs page, a healthcare glossary, and plenty of blog posts to answer your questions. 

Tell your friends or healthcare provider about SuperBill. 

We don’t mind being talked about. We swear…

Treat yourself to a wellness day. 

You’ll be getting a reimbursement check soon. Why not treat yourself to a little self-care in the meantime? 

Choreograph a reimbursement dance. 

When you get your reimbursement, how will you celebrate? And with what moves


One of the best ways to take care of your long term health is to reduce chronic stress. Rest assured knowing your medical bills are in good hands. 

We’re happy you chose SuperBill. We’ll do everything in our power to make your health insurance experience a smooth one. Any questions or concerns, just write us at Welcome!

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Harry is passionate about the power of language to make complex systems like health insurance simpler and fairer. He received his BA in English from Williams College and his MFA in Creative Writing from The University of Alabama. In his spare time, he is writing a book of short stories called You Must Relax.

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